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Oil & Gas

We continue to develop innovative electronic design and manufacturing solutions. Together with our customers, we have made the Oil and Gas market safer and more efficient. Our design team has developed ATEX / IECEx-Certified products and solutions for use in the Oil and Gas sector that include:

   -   Pipeline Inspection and Data Acquisition in Hazardous Areas
   -   Acoustic Emission Leak Detection for Valves
   -   Intrinsically Safe barriers for Instrumentation & Control Applications
   -   Subsea positioning and tracking systems
   -   Electro-Hydraulic Well-Head Controls
   -   Load Monitoring Systems

Life Sciences & Medical

We work closely with leading universities and technology companies to turn state-of-the-art research into products. These deliver healthcare solutions that make the industry more efficient, sophisticated and safer.

Some of our products that we are particularly proud of include:

   -   Uroflow and Urodynamic Systems 
   -   Anaesthesia Control and Monitoring
   -   Needleless Drug Delivery
   -   Patient Warming Controls
   -   Care Alarm and Monitoring
   -   Digital Technology for Prosthetic Limbs
   -   NMR Spectrum Analysers
   -   Laser Doppler Blood Flow Assessment

Scientific Instrumentation

Our expert, advanced solutions in the Scientific Instrumentation industry includes:

   -   Lab-based Instruments with Wired and Wireless Communications
   -   High Sensitivity Front-end Equipment with Filtering and Signal Processing
   -   Interfaces for various Sensors & Actuators: Chemical, Pellistor & MEMs Devices
   -   Data Analysis and Control-Loop Devices
   -   Ultrasonic and Magnetic Equipment
   -   Electro-Florescent Devices

Industrial Controls

Our specialist electronic products such as fault detection systems and regulators are designed and manufactured for customers that thrive to make their position in the sector stronger and more efficient.

Some of our great client products include:

   -   High Voltage Parasitic Load Monitoring and Detection 
   -   RF & Infrared Earth Fault Detection
   -   Automatic Voltage Regulators
   -   Motor Control and Stepper Drives
   -   Surface Profiling and Non-Contact Measurement
   -   High Performance Power Analysis

Environmental & Utilities

Working with our customers to develop and manufacture high-tech electronic products and systems. These strengthen their company’s position in the environmental and utilities sector.

Products that we’re particularly proud to supply include:

   -   Water Analysis Technology 
   -   Water & Waste Water Monitoring and Treatment
   -   Microbiological Testing
   -   Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
   -   Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Non-Invasive Process Measurement Instrumentation.

Transport & Low Carbon

We have designed and manufactured innovative solutions that have made the Transport and low carbon market safer.

These include:

   -   Tracking Systems

   -   Highways Operational Safety Equipment 

   -   Advanced Electronics for products with a Low Carbon Footprint

   -   Clean Energy Technology.