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Oscar Winning Cooke Optics Seeks Circuit Board Design Solution from Datalink Electronics

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Datalink Electronics were delighted to recently be asked by Cooke Optics, an Oscar award winning company, to consider the electronics that could go into their next generation of lenses.

At present the existing system provides zoom, focus and aperture, which is recorded frame by frame. This is then used in post-production to help when adding special effects. Datalink has now re-designed the internal circuit board to provide inertial data so that the position of the lens in space can be calculated on a frame by frame basis. The new technology can also be used to track where the lens is relative to the subject. This ensures that when effects or computer generated images are added they look ”right”. Using ARM processor technology coupled with the very latest MEMS sensor devices and state-of-the-art power supply converters, Cooke lenses will now be able to add the tracking of difficult motion shots to their repertoire.

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