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NOF Energy National Conference Debates The Future of Energy

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Our own committed ‘Geordie’ Dr Jim Allen pictured below at the NOF Energy National Conference in Newcastle earlier this month with another North East treasure, Wendy Gibson. Wendy, who is a well-known news correspondent and local BBC newsreader, with a passion for the North East, presented the conference which had a focus on ‘Energy – A Balanced Future’

Jim has established a reputation for designing creative, high technology electronic products across many industrial sectors. He is an expert in design of electronics for explosive environments (ATEX) and industrial instrumentation. The main aim of the conference and exhibition was to highlight the importance of securing a balanced energy mix in the UK to meet future demands and showcase opportunities across the supply chain.

Dr Jim Allen pictured with local news personality, Wendy Gibson, at the NOF Energy National Conference in Newcastle.

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