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Market Update - Component Shortages

We would like to encourage our customers to place any orders that are required for Q2 & Q3 as soon as possible. We can schedule to your required delivery dates and can be flexible with anything outside of a 3 month window as long as it is taken within a 12 month period.

The electronic component supply chain is currently experiencing severe disruption due to capacity constraints, obsolescence and increased demand across the board.

We are reaching out to all our customer contacts to advise that we are continually being warned by our suppliers of manufacturer lead times being extended up to 52 weeks. This is leading to parts going on allocation again, (demand outstripping the available manufacturing capacity). For any customers who have a need for automotive chips, analysts are predicting that there will be a global shortage for the next six months causing car makers to temporarily shut.

As a result of this we are also seeing price increases on certain commodities and manufacturers.

Lead time increases as follows:

Connectors - up to 18 weeks

Switches, fans & sensors - up to 28 weeks

Relays - 20-60 weeks

Capacitors - up to 26 weeks, tantalum caps 52 weeks +

Resistors and other passives - up to 30 weeks

Semiconductor lead times are now also on the increase, with some ST parts approaching critical capacity.

If you would like further, more detailed information, we can provide you with the latest market updates received from our suppliers.

Chinese New Year is from 12th to 26th February 2021 which also has an impact on the supply chain.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, or need a quotation, please feel free to contact our Sales Team on 01509 231023 or email Tracy Maud (

We’re here to help!

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