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Scientific Instrumentation

At Datalink Electronics we’re more than a standard Contract Electronics Manufacturer. We have provided innovative electronic products to the Scientific Instrumentation sector since 1984 which combines electronic design and manufacturing.

Our expert, advanced solutions in the Scientific Instrumentation industry includes:

   -   Lab-Based Instruments with Wired and Wireless Communications
   -   High Sensitivity Front-End Equipment with Filtering and Signal Processing
   -   Interfaces for various Sensors & Actuators: Chemical, Pellistor, MEMs Devices
   -   Data Analysis and Control-Loop Devices
   -   Ultrasonic and Magnetic Measurement Equipment
   -   Electro-Fluorescent Devices

Here at Datalink Electronics we are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certified. This means that we are officially identified for the high level of efficiency in our design and manufacturing processes to streamline our processes.

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