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Intrinsic Safety

The phrase “Intrinsically Safe” is often used generically to describe products destined for hazardous (explosive) areas. The principal reason for using intrinsic safety is because it is essentially a low power technique. It is defined under IEC 60079-11 standard as a ‘type of protection based on the restriction of electrical energy within apparatus and of interconnecting wiring exposed to the potentially explosive atmosphere to a level below that which can cause ignition by either sparking or heating effects’. The energy levels made available for signalling are small but useable and more than adequate for the majority of instrumentation systems.  Intrinsic safety is an accepted technique throughout the world in legislation such as the ATEX Directives and OSHA to protect employees and property from risk of potentially explosive atmospheres. The same IS equipment usually satisfies the requirements for both dust and gas hazards and if appropriate can be used in all zones.

Datalink are experts in the design and manufacture of equipment for use in hazardous areas and have many years of experience providing solutions to the Oil and Gas industry. In particular we have a comprehensive understanding of Intrinsically Safe products and standards. Our system design engineers recognise and accept the responsibility for the adequacy of the design and safety implications associated with hazardous areas. The electronics design team has developed products for use in applications for process monitoring, data acquisition, high speed data transmission and vibration monitoring.

Certified to ISO 9001 and having completed many projects we have real-world experience both with the design and certification to produce a product fit-for-market.

Product development and prototype through to production manufacture are carried out within the Datalink factory. This combination of design and manufacturing skills and processes working closely together “under-on-roof” ensures that time-to-market is kept to a minimum and costs are rigorously controlled.     

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