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Oil & Gas

Datalink Electronics has provided leading electronics design and manufacturing solutions for the Oil and Gas industry for over three decades. We continue to develop innovative electronic design and manufacturing solutions for our customers that have made the Oil and Gas market safer and more efficient. The electronics design team has developed ATEX / IECEx-Certified products and solutions for use in various applications in the Oil and Gas sector that include:

   -   Pipeline Inspection and Data Acquisition in Hazardous Areas
   -   Acoustic Emission Leak Detection for Valves
   -   Intrinscially Safe barriers for Instrumentation & Control Applications
   -   Subsea positioning and tracking systems
   -   Electro-Hydraulic Well-Head Controls
   -   Load Monitoring Systems

We are committed at Datalink to create products with the latest technology for the oil and gas market that are continuing to drive innovation. We are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certified which means we are recognised for our high level of efficiency in our design and manufacturing processes to save time, money and resources.

For more information on the electronic design and manufacturing solutions we provide for the Oil and Gas industry, please feel free to contact us.

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