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Electronics for Healthcare

The Life Sciences and Electronics Healthcare industry is one of the most innovative and fast-changing and as such faces numerous complex challenges. Increasing customer demands, fierce competition, ever tougher regulations with increased scrutiny from regulators all combine to create a host of difficult challenges to electronics design and production.

Accelerated development and rapid commercialisation is recognised as a predominant driver to business growth. In the Medical Electronics Devices industry however, product complexity, stringent quality requirements, reliability and safety can often compete with the business needs of an organisation. Risk analysis and regulation management associated with electronic medical devices can quite often have an adverse impact on the cost of manufacturing a medical product and the time-to-market where market demands are unforgiving.

Datalink Electronics has many years of experience delivering a comprehensive development strategy capable of taking your initial concept or idea through to a product fully-regulated, fit-for-market. We offer assistance with developing your concept and providing “proof of concept” by undertaking complex feasibility studies. These studies then undergo critical review and are taken through phases of enhancement to provide working prototypes. Once proven the prototypes are taken through engineering and manufacturing stages to full production.

Our design and engineering teams have an extensive understanding of the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to take your innovation to a fully regulated product fit-for-purpose. Integrating design and manufacturing services “under-one-roof” at Datalink accelerates the time taken to transform ideas into commercial reality with rigorous cost control. Delivering long-term success to the project is guaranteed by our commitment to provide through-life support of the product.

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