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Life Sciences & Medical

Datalink Electronics has provided industry leading electronics design and manufacturing solutions to the Medical sector for over three decades. With our proven expertise we develop electronic medical devices to meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 13485 standard. We work closely with leading universities and technology companies to turn state-of-the-art research into products to deliver healthcare solutions that make the industry more efficient, sophisticated and safer.

Some of our products that we are particularly proud of include:

   -   Uroflow and Urodynamic Systems 
   -   Anaesthesia Control and Monitoring
   -   Needleless Drug Delivery
   -   Patient Warming Controls
   -   Care Alarm and Monitoring
   -   Digital Technology for Prosthetic Limbs
   -   NMR Spectrum Analysers
   -   Laser Doppler Blood Flow Assessment

At Datalink Electronics we are a member of Medilink EM, a life sciences industry association whose aim is to develop and establish companies, such as ourselves, within the industry.

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