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Manufacture & Test

Our commitment to invest continually in our staff and manufacturing capabilities means we can offer you a broad range of electronic manufacturing services.

MRP-driven Operations

At the heart of Datalink operations is our MRP System delivering a range of benefits including:

  • On-time delivery and cost control
  • Progress checking of work in progress (WIP)
  • Batch traceability of components and materials (essential for medical and ATEX products)
  • Flexing of work schedules so that urgent jobs can be prioritised and prototypes fast-tracked through the factory
  • Worldwide procurement to achieve costs and timescales

Surface-Mount Assembly

Recent investment in a second, state-of-the-art Surface Mount Assembly line enables Datalink to:

  • Place virtually any SMT component package type including large BGAs, QFPs, and TSOPs
  • Work with PCB board sizes to 680 x 460 x 5.0mm
  • Place passive components with sizes down to 0201
  • Use Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to confirm the correct assembly of each and every PCB

Plated-Through Hole Assembly, Box Build & Wiring/Harnessing

Highly experienced operatives fulfil our customers' requirements for Plated-Through Hole (PTH) assembly, Box Build, and Wiring/Harnessing.


Your product can be fully tested to ensure 100% functionality. We offer a range of testing options to match your needs; including Functional Testing, and Device Programming.

Please contact Tracy, our Business Development Manager, to discuss your manufacturing requirements:

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