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Test & Inspection

Datalink places strategic importance on quality throughout the company with the objective of achieving zero defects consistently by means of continuous improvement. This is demonstrated by the importance that the company places on the training of our staff in quality processes and control systems from order input to final despatch to customer.

Our PCB assemblies are monitored and inspected throughout the assembly process to ensure that the required workmanship standards are met and always adhered to. First offs are 100% visually inspected using magnification equipment. All assemblies are automatically inspected using the DCB EasyVision system (AOI). Using a 2M pixel camera and telecentric lens it provides a rapid and repeatable inspection process.

Datalink Electronics offers a comprehensive range of test service. From basic power checks, LabVIEW automated solutions, through to functional, calibration, product conformance and managing environmental testing. These are supported by our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians. Part of our service is providing customer support in Design for Test, test solutions, development and implementation of automated test solutions as well as functional test rigs.

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