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Contract Manufacturing

Datalink offers end to end integrated contract electronics manufacturing services. We provide substantial experience and knowledge of manufacturing solutions to industries that require high reliability products. We have been manufacturing complex electronic products in the UK for over thirty years and offer assembly services ranging from quick turn-around prototypes, high mix low to medium volume, high volume surface mount assembly through to full product  build and testing. Our operators are all trained to IPC610 and we also offer Swagelok trained engineers. The depth of knowledge of our engineering and design team at Datalink assists customers to explore the full potential of commercialising product. We work with small, medium and start-up companies who have no in-house capability to develop product through to production; companies which focus on their core business and wish to outsource manufacture; Universities and academic institutions looking for product implementation.

Our electronics manufacturing services are driven by a disciplined MRP system to provide shorter product cycle, higher inventory turns, faster time-to-market and to face the challenges of a competitive global market.  We recognise that Supply chain management and Key Performance Indicators are fundamental to performance improvement. Through our management processes we provide on-going feedback relative to these indicators to continuously improve performance.

Our range of manufacturing capabilities can be used as individual services or combined to provide a complete assembly service:

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