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The Design Team at Datalink Electronics is as strong as you will find anywhere in the UK; with the highest technical qualifications, and experience to match, we can add that touch of inspiration your product may need. 

As the team is embedded within a manufacturing facility, there is an excellent understanding of production techniques. This means you get a fast turnaround on prototypes, development and final unit costs are kept under control, and the development moves easily from design into production. We are able to support products through their entire lifecycle.

We have designed simple timer circuits through to complex medical equipment for anaesthetising new-born babies (see 'At the Heart of Medical Electronics'). The regulations and legislation regarding the placing of electronic products on the market are well understood (see Regulations) and we are able to take you through the route to compliance, either in the EU or internationally. We specialise in, but are not limited to, the development of products for the medical and oil & gas markets – markets where safety and reliability are of paramount importance.

Finally, and most important to us, our customers tend to enjoy working with us and are appreciative of the results.

Please contact Arash to discuss your design project:

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